Mrs. India – North 2017 Semi- Finals

Mrs India 2018 North

Mrs India 2018 North

Mrs India 2017 North

Mrs India 2017’s Semifinals were hosted in National Capitil Delhi at Radison Blue Paschim Vihar Hotel .for Mrs India 2017 we recieved 3000 Applications .

Four days of event was star studded with 32 Beautiful contestants who Dazzled Mrs India 2017 North Edition with their Beauty ,Talent ,Glamour and Culture .
Contestants of Mrs India 2017 North edition showcased Beauty in Diversity in many forms be it representing their states ,cultures or historical significance .
Mrs India‘s Contestants overjoyed Photo-shoots to the fullest and how ?

 Mrs India 2017 Photoshoot:

Mrs India 2017 Photo-shoot stared with Profile Photo’s of Mrs India 2017 Semifinalist .
Theme is Purple Pink which is very much close to logo of Mrs India , As in Indian Culture Goddess is always bestowed with Flowers we decided to Photo-shoot our beautiful Mrs India 2017 Semifinalist with Purple Pink Flowers .
Lets meet Most Beautiful Indian Married Woman at Mrs India 2017 North Edition


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