Manhunt India 2018 Puneet Agarwal
                                                                 Puneet Agarwal for Manhunt India 2018

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Manhunt India 2018 – Lets know the Finalists

  1. How you start your day?

Manhunt India Finalist: I begin my day with a quick prayer and a short meditation to energize my mind. Then I proceed to look over my to-dolist to make the most out of my day. A few minutes of play time with my new born is a booster for the day.

  1. What makes Men Most Desirable?

Manhunt India Finalist: There is no one characteristic that makes anyone desirable,  be it a man or a women. For men, i feel  Being  well-spoken, being their authentic self , being responsible and ambitious  and doing what matters in their own defined path. Having a strong identity, being compassionate and treating everyone with respect and love. These are a few attributes that I feel makes one desirable

  1. Do You think that Model Culture of Six Pack can make other feel bad about them or might cause Eating Disorders or Extreme Workout?

Manhunt India Finalist: Yes, idealized beauty and perfect figures of models, celebrities, beauty bloggers etc seen on social media, magazines, televisions, movies and beauty pageant; many start to get critical about their own bodies and often also leads to body shaming others. The society we live in today is conditioned to think that curvy is not the right body type to be. The pressure on both men and women is so tremendous that it leads to starvation in the name of dieting, compulsive and extreme weightlifting in the name of workout. Healthcare providers, gyms, media take advantage of this and bank on them for more income. Whilst the right thing to do should be to promote and educate that body types are many and its okay not to be very slim or having a six pack. Being fit and healthy internally and what suits our well being is what matters.

  1. Your Take on “ Mard Ko Dard Nahin Hota “ !

Manhunt India Finalist: Jis mard ko dard nahin hota woh mard nahin hota. Men are crafted by nature to look strong and hard on the outside just like a coconut shell. At the same time, they are also crafted to be soft, emotional and to be apologetic on the inside. Yet again, society is cultured to think that being emotionally compassionate isnt Manly. I believe if you don’t realize your emotional potential and feel pain, you haven’t fully discovered or know yourself.

  1. Who is your Favourite Male Character from Animated Films and Why ?

Manhunt India Finalist: :  Uncle Scrooch. He is a character that we can most relate too even to this date in the most realistic way. He is a character to learn from; he is focused, shrewd yet compassionate where required, unapologetically true and real inside out and is not two-faced.

  1. Who is your Role Model in real life?

Manhunt India Finalist: My Dad. He is a real life hero to me, my three siblings and many a good people to whom he has always lend a helping hand in cash, kind or deed. He is an epitome of what success looks like, happiness and love feels like. His life story, the man that he is, is a learning to me and many for generations to come

  1. What is Your Fitness Mantra?

Manhunt India Finalist: Eat, sleep, rave, repeat and be stress free

  1. Television Channel that you Tune in? Sports, Bollywood ,Hollywood , Travel or Food ?

Manhunt India Finalist:  I have a little filmy personality in myself that draws me to watching bollywood. Besides that i prefer watching sports in my leisure time.

  1. Do you think it is important for Men to follow Beauty Regime?

Manhunt India Finalist:  Eating healthy, sleeping well, drinking plenty of water and sweating it out is the best beauty regime for anyone. Be it both men or women.

  1. What would you like remembered about you?

Manhunt India Finalist: I have always focused my energy to share positive vibes and spread happiness. I am also said to be the life of every party or a gathering, as my friends and family tell me. I think being able to bring a smile on someone is a gift and that’s what i would be glad to be remembered for.


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