Manhunt India 2018 2019 Finalist
Manhunt India 2018 Finalist Neeraj Prabhat

1.How you start your day?

Manhunt India Finalist:1st of all i do not have the habit of checking my smartphone for social messages and email,hydrating myself,exercise,eat a healthy breakfast and having a to-do list ready to conquer.

2.What makes Men Most Desirable?

Manhunt India Finalist:Be yourself,treating others with respect,love,value and support relationships,follow your own path,willing to take risks,have a plan for life,emotionally strong and be capable of making an impact on the world is what makes men most desirable.

3.Do You think that Model Culture of Six Pack can make other feel bad about them or might cause Eating Disorders or Extreme Workout?

Manhunt India Finalist:I think model culture of 6 pack can make others feel bad about them because models are really diet concerned.Eating disorders can happen as maximum number of population are watching the western concept of the world thats enough to make a difference.Extreme workouts creates negative atitude towards others.

4.Your Take on “ Mard Ko Dard Nahin Hota “ !

Manhunt India Finalist:A line of comedy which has no meaning.

 5.Who is your Favourite Male Character from Animated Films and Why ?

Manhunt India Finalist:My favourite male character from animated films is Gromit because it never says a word but there has never been a more expressive character to grace our screens.

6.Who is your Role Model in real life?

Manhunt India Finalist:My role model are my parents because whatever i am is because of them.

7.What is Your Fitness Mantra?

Manhunt India Finalist:My fitness mantra”Take the first step of your journey to fitness to know your limitations and last step to defy them”

8.Television Channel that you Tune in? Sports, Bollywood ,Hollywood , Travel or Food ?

Manhunt India Finalist:I am not interested in watching television.I am more interested in watching youtube channels.I watch popular channels of influential youtubers and bloggers from all categories sports,bollywood,hollywood,travel and food.

9.Do you think it is important for Men to follow Beauty Regime?

Manhunt India Finalist:I think it is important for men to follow beauty regime.Women desire well-kept and groomed men.

10.What would you like remembered about you?

Manhunt India Finalist:I would like to be remembered for a person who makes everyone smile even amidst toughest conditions.


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