Manhunt India 2018

Manhunt India 2019 2018
Manhunt India 2018 Finalist Ashish Saurav Tirkey

Manhunt India 2018 Finalist Lets know him :

  1. How you start your day?

Manhunt India Finalist:  I have been  practicing a routine for my mornings that help me alot to stay energized throughout the day.I usually wake up between 6:30-:7:00 and have a glass of warm water.After I freshen up I prefer a strong coffee along with 15-20 minutes walk on terrace and then I go  through my mails/social media or any phone calls to be made. A cold shower is a best way to freshen up and after that I get ready for work. And finally I have a healthy breakfast with few supplements and then leave for work.

  1. What makes Men Most Desirable?

Manhunt India Finalist: According to me few traits that make men most desirable are good communication skills, presence of mind, confidence, courteous,humble,organised, sociable, wise and logical along with good dressing scene that would make an amazing personality.

  1. Do You think that Model Culture of Six Pack can make other feel bad about them or might cause Eating Disorders or Extreme Workout?

Manhunt India Finalist:Yes, I do believe that model culture of six pack can make anyone feel bad about themselves or might even cause eating disorder or extreme workout. Model culture can make other people feel low or offended…which may lead to eating disorders, extreme workout session just to fit in the model culture. But according to my perception fitness should be a important part of everyone’s life because being fit is important but the main point is that the level  of fitness differes for everyone. A person who exercises regularly might  not have six pack abs  but still he/she is fit. So blindly following the model culture is foolishness. Every individual should lead a healthy life according to themselves and individual capacity.

  1. Your Take on “ Mard Ko Dard Nahin Hota “ !

Manhunt India Finalist:“Mard ko dard Nahi hota”-I totally disagree with this statement because as a fact we men are also human beings. We do have feelings and emotions so we can definitely feel the pain deep inside.  We live in stereotypical society where men are considered to have a strong and powerful image and hence most men end up saying Mard ko dard Nahi hota. Men and women feel pain differently but men feel pain, too. 

  1. Who is your Favourite Male Character from Animated Films and Why ?(For Examples Spiderman , Mickey Mouse ,Mowgli, Tarzan , Uncle Scrooch , He Man , Super Man )

Manhunt India Finalist:My favourite male character is Batman.Unlike other characters he is a regular human being whose personal drive and rigorous mental and physical perfection allowed him to achieve superhero powers. Batman’s foremost qualities which I like is his intelligence, physical stength and obsessive passion. Batman is admirable, inspirational but most of relatable as he is a man at his greatest. Batman fights crime by standing as a symbol of hope for ordinary people. He does not look for love or admiration like other superheroes but he claims that by not being a hero he can be something.Batman continues to be unique as he has a very dark figure.

  1. Who is your Role Model in real life?

Manhunt India Finalist:My role model in real life is Milind Soman.

  1. What is Your Fitness Mantra?

Manhunt India Finalist:My fitness mantra includes focusing on cardio exercises, body weight exercises, weight training and a balanced healthy diet. By practicing this on a daily basis, my immunity has increased leaps and bound. I feel fresh and healthy everyday.

  1. Television Channel that you Tune in? Sports, Bollywood ,Hollywood , Travel or Food ?

Manhunt India Finalist: Discovery, investigation Discovery, TLC, Ndtv Goodtimes

  1. Do you think it is important for Men to follow Beauty Regime?

Manhunt India Finalist:Yes, it is important for men to follow beauty regime.contrary to the popular belief skincare is not just for women. A man’s skin needs attention and nourishment just as much.It is important not know the skin type and which products to use accordingly, how to use them. Cleansing, shaving, exfoliating, moisturizing and skin protecting should be regularly followed. Taking care of skin for men is perfectly normal.

  1. What would you like remembered about you?

Manhunt India Finalist:


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