Manhunt India 2018 – Arrjun Ramesh


Manhunt India 2018 :

Manhunt India 2019 2018 Finalist
Manhunt India 2018 Finalist Arrjun Ramesh

1.How you start your day?

 Well, I start it off by getting up and switching on some good motivational/peaceful music which will pump me up. Knowing that its a brand new day filled with opportunities and wonder. I make a plan before going to bed the previous night, and wake up at the right time and hit the gym and take out the stress of the previous day. My life is only consumed by self-discipline, hard work and passion for acting.

 2.What makes Men Most Desirable?

 As a matter of fact, my mantra in life is “Let’s turn that frown, upside-down” which means keep the people around you happy. No matter how you feel (sad/happy) just spread some positivity and love, and let them grow with you. Bring a smile on the other person’s face. A little Love can go long way. By the end of the day be good human.

 3.Do You think that Model Culture of Six Pack can make other feel bad about them or might cause Eating Disorders or Extreme Workout?

 I don’t see why you have to feel bad about them. Everybody has different goals in life, nothing comes easy. Hard work and discipline can get you what you need. If you have the knowledge of diet and fitness then you can work smart. When you aim for your goal, learn and then aim for that goal. Never blindly go behind something. Knowledge is strength.

4.Your Take on “ Mard Ko Dard Nahin Hota “ !

 Men also feel all of the 9 emotions, just as much as any other human being. Its just that when a man says he doesn’t feel any pain. Its just his ego answering to that question. Believe me, we men do feel a little more than anyone.

 5.Who is your Favourite Male Character from Animated Films and Why?

 Well, there is this one character who I idolise since when I was 10. His name is Goku aka kakarot from “dragon ball” a Japanese anime. His character is based on innocence. Even when he’s grown up he always has that child’s innocence which makes a person so pure. He cares a lot about his loved ones, so much that he is ready to give his life away for them.

 6.Who is your Role Model in real life?

 Hands down. My Father is my role model in life.

 7.What is Your Fitness Mantra?

 “ every wound will shape me, every scar will build my thrown” this is what I call fitness mantra.

 8.Television Channel that you Tune in? Sports, Bollywood ,Hollywood , Travel or Food ?

 I tune into TLC and Travelxp. I’m that “food is love, food is life” type of person.

 9.Do you think it is important for Men to follow Beauty Regime?

 Yes of coarse, I think men should groom themselves and keep their fashion skills up-to date.

 10.What would you like remembered about you?

 I would like to be remembered as the person who no matter how many times fall down tries to get up and climbs that limitless mountain of perfection. Motivating and inspiring the younger generation. 



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