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ab1Fashion India is a Trademark of Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt ltd brain child of Deepali Phadnis. Fashion India is platform to promote Indian Fashion, Tourism, Holistic living, Beauty and talent to International Level.

Fashion India gateway to Fashion Asia Awards 

Fashion India is a unique blend that Inspires Fashion to be weaved from our very own Indian threads Fashion India not only ignites Indian Fashion Talent but helps to flourish Heritage India have in the  form of large variety of  Fabrics and their Textures from different parts of the Country to offer to the World .

India is a spectacular land that offers Fashionable Beaches, Royal Palaces, Stubborn Forts, Exquisite Hill Stations, and Spiritual Experiences, Unlimited lip smacking spread of Food, beverages, and medical practices from Ancient Time such as Ayurveda to advanced Medical science of Today. But what makes India incredible is Hospitality we bestow .Fashion India all set to showcase this heritage and promote it to international level and bring World Closer and Closer to make this World a Fashionable Place to live.

ab2Fashion India is partner of Fashion Asia an NGO headquarter at China, Is an Collaboration if Chinese Government  and Asian Fashion Media Association .Deepali Phadnis is leading India at Fashion India .Deepali Phadnis is brilliantly selecting and nominating Indian Nominees to fashion Asia Awards from 2014 .



Fashion India for Beauty Talent, Glamour and Culture:

Fashion and Beauty goes together, so does the beauty Pageants. Fashion India provides platform to Indian Married and unmarried Woman to showcase their Beauty, Talent, Glamour and Culture through various Pageant and competitions that promotes them to International level. Along with Fashion India, Mrs India is our trademark that is hosting Annual National Beauty Pageants for married woman from 2013 and promoting Indian married Woman to International Platform.


Winners of Mrs India participate in in World’s Most Prestigious Beauty Pageant including Mrs World, Mrs Asia International, and Mrs Planet.

Excellent Track Record Winning: Mrs India™ is proved to be the most successful Beauty Pageant for in the Indian History of Pageants for married woman by winning three International Titles in One year. Mrs India have Won following International Titles in short span of three Years.

  1. Mrs Asia International
  1. Classic Mrs Asia International
  1. Mrs Planet
  1. Top 10 Mrs World

Beauty Pageants for Unmarried Indian Woman:

Fashion India provides National Platform to Indian upcoming talent through

  1. Miss India Tourism Queen International,
  2. Miss All Nations
  3. Miss Model of the World

Fashion India is successively Promoting Indian talent to International platforms from 2014.

All the endeavours of Fashion India are based on Beauty in Diversity as India is World most diverse and Beautiful Place

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We have our Team Working from all across the Nation and below is our Board of Directors :

Purnima Khare, Pratibha Saunshimath, Jazzpreet Kaur, Nupur Saigal, Priyadarshini Menon, Lekshmi Gopinathan.